How Do We Prepare a Tax Return?

It is our belief that no one should pay more than We will screen your documents for valuable write-offs. We are experts at finding hidden deductions. Bring anything you think may help, it is easier to have too much paperwork rather than to be missing something important!

Our process includes setting up your account and entering your income and deductions. If you have a business we also attach schedule C and all necessary documents. When completed, we will e-file direct with the government. Its faster and more sure than sending a letter!

Some of the documents we will want to see include:

  • W-2 forms
  • 1099 forms (from any dividends or other income paid to you)
  • Home mortgage payment stubs and/or home purchase closing statement
  • Last year's tax return (for quick reference and comparison)
  • Receipts from anything you might claim as an itemized deduction
  • Receipts from any charity (e.g. for clothing donations, church tithes, disaster relief donations, etc.)
  • Car mileage log (in case you intend to claim it as a business expense)
  • Any receipts for business travel expenses
  • Canceled checks (especially for IRA contributions and other deductions)
  • Credit card statements and bank statements (tused to verify any deductions)
  • Medical bills (especially if they exceed 7.5% of your income)
  • 1099-G form (for deducting state or local income taxes)
  • Mobile phone bills (especially if you made charitable donations by text message)
  • Retirement contributions
  • Child care expenses
  • Proof of Alimony payments made
  • Canceled checks
  • Any other possible deductions for us to view

Call us to schedule an appointment and we can get started!

Tax Planning

While the old fashioned "shoe box" will still work for most personal tax purposes and the average hobby business, if you have a small busniess with many expenses or hope to grow to a self sustaining enterprise you need good tax planning and accounting. Call me and we can help you to plan for next year. We can help with setting up a very simple accounting and bookkeeping program, or you can turn it over to us. We do electronic bookkeeping and can file your government forms, sales tax forms and payroll. Lets keep you out of trouble with the government! Call us!

Audit Representation

If you receive communication from the IRS, DON'T PANIC !
They will contact you either to notify you of a change to your file (including an increase or decrease in what you owe them) or requesting additional information.

We can help you to reply and in communicating with the IRS. Contact us IMMEDIATELY upon receiving any requests from the IRS. There are strict time limits you must follow when replying.

Also note, the IRS will always communicate via postal mail. If someone calls or emails you requesting personal information, don't give it to them. Call me instead!

Excellent reading and information can be found here.

Our Services

  • Tax Preparation (Personal)
  • Tax Preparation (Business)
  • Tax Planning
  • Audit Representation
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Lois Bobo-Thomas, Owner

Why Us

I am Lois Bobo-Thomas and I have been preparing people's taxes for decades. I firmly believe in paying only the minimum amount of tax required by law. Even the IRS agrees, see their publication about this HERE. We work hard to keep you out of IRS trouble!
Also keep us in mind when choosing a local bookkeeping firm. We are excellent in this role as well. Call us today for an appointment.

"Tax Avoidance Is Legal
Tax Evasion Is Criminal"